Brick by Brick via @ITSBGPTV

It takes many bricks to build a dream home. That dream home may only be 1,000 square feet but think about the process that went into building that home. It started with a vision. That vision turned into a plan.

It all becomes real when the groundwork starts to begin.  The average home takes about 7 months to build. The average dreamer gives up after a few months of trying to achieve a goal. I think the media may spoil us with stories of overnight success. We see our favorite celebrities and athletes living the American dream and we know its possible.

What we don’t see is the process they had to go through to make it where they are now. We don’t see the hours and hours of practice that went into their craft or the blood sweat tears and amount of BS they had to persevere through. No matter how easy successful people make it seem; they had to put in WORK!

One brick at a time and you eventually have a house. One step at a time and you will eventually have your success.  Sounds easy but not everyone is willing to put up with what goes into building your dream life.  Salute goes out to all the homebuilders that continually work through the rainy, snowy, and excessively hot days.  Chasing a dream is no different! Everyday will present unique challenges but we cannot fold and wait until tomorrow. We cannot sit back and wait for the perfect weather to go out and build our future.

The best opportunies are created. The others may be disguised as work. We live in a world where most everyone is searching for the easy way to do something. What comes easy will go just as easy. The harder you work the more you cement your success.  Today lets lay some bricks; tomorrow lets lay some more.