Mixtape enter the speaking industry

Motivational Speakers can and will have a much larger impact on society. Technology is increasing and so are opportunities to get their message to the masses. The Internet is crowed and noisy but the opportunities are endless to grab the attention of whatever audience you are looking to attract. The top social media sites right now are Facebook, Instagram, and Snap-chat. They all present unique ways to generate traffic with the right type of content.  

Motivational speakers are not currently in that mix consistently. You may see the occasional video from a Tony Robbins or a Les Brown pop up on your feed from time to time. However what about all the other motivational speakers in the world?  What about the speakers who don’t have millions of followers? Of course people are running into videos from the top speakers in the world when they feel like sharing some motivational content or watching some motivational content! 

They are dominating the search engines right now because they are already at the top. It is not likely that someone will randomly run into your motivational speech by doing a search.  Well there is now an opportunity for up and coming motivational speakers to level the playing field!

On the internet its all about planting seeds of content for them to harvest later. Lets take a look at the music industry where you have some artist releasing music all the time. In Hip Hop a lot of artist are doing this by releasing what they call Mixtapes.

Mixtapes are a compilation of music that averages about 10 to 15 songs that either did not make their album or where created just to satisfy the fans. Some artist use Mixtapes as their main source for exposure to their potential fan base. They create Mixtape after Mixtape and shop them around locally and across the Internet. In doing so they are maximizing brand recognition and getting booked for tours!

Some artist are ok with never being considered main stream like a Drake or Nicki Minaj because they are earning revenue and going on tour just like them. They may not make as much money but they are happy to be doing what they love and getting paid for it. However, it is very possible to “make it big” by releasing Mixtapes  it has been done before and will be done again.

Think about what Mixtapes could mean within the Motivational Speaking industry. Motivational Speakers need a way to separate from the pack. Content is the only way to do that in today’s world! Chawn Bracey has created a platform for motivational speakers to spread their voice with Mixtapes online. This is done by taking speeches and turning them into songs. The songs are downloadable and ready for distribution to media outlets and organizations. Some motivational speakers have already begun to take this route and maximize their media.

Eric Thomas has created multiple Mixtapes and even sells them from his website. He is a really popular speaker in the industry right now who began by releasing a video onto YouTube once every Monday. Those videos where turned into a series called TGIM.  The consistency alone helped him to stand out from other speakers but he began to stand out even more when he started releasing Mixtapes!

Lets say you have a Keynote speech about being Relentless. You can create a Mixtape around your Keynote topic. The Mixtape can be snippets of what to expect if when they book your full Keynote speech. You can use Mixtapes to build a buzz around that message. It will show your expertise and they will know what to expect when they invest their money into you. Especially if you are an up and coming speaker who has not built a name yet.

Mixtapes will be the new wave of the speaking industry sooner than later and I recommend any and all motivational speakers to began to take advantage of this unique opportunity to maximize their message. The platform that has been created around this concept is called MotivationalMixtapes.com. This literally puts your content side by side with other speakers and also serves as a great source for motivation on the Internet.

Rockstar Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are the new rock stars. They travel the world and spread there message to entertain and impact audiences to give them lifetime experiences. They sign autographs and take pictures with their supporters; and now they will have albums and mixtapes.

Motivation is at an all time high.  People are dreaming left and right! They wake up to chase the come up and they will now have the music to guide them throughout there journey. Music has always been the best way to impact our current emotions. We listen to songs to get us out or into certain moods.

The radio industry would not exist if that were not true. Have you ever heard a song from a motivational speaker on the radio? Soon you will be able to say yes without thinking to hard about the answer to that question. The industry of motivation is in the process of being completely re shaped. 

Book vs. Mixtape

The majority of speakers are either writing or promoting a book they recently published. The book is used as leverage to land more speaking gigs and show expertise within their speaking topic. Usually, books take about a year to write and get published.

Books are great but they do not go hand in hand with success in the speaking industry. Mixtapes give speakers the opportunity to create and distribute content at a much faster rate; rather than writing and distributing books. If you take a look at the music industry some artist are releasing new mixtapes every month. In which they are leading to more tours, brand recognition, increased merchandise sales, etc.   

Motivational speakers go on tours the same way that musicians do. However, motivational speakers are not distributing content at the rate of musicians. Therefore, they are not maximizing the full potential of their brand.

Times are changing because content is at a high demand! Your potential audience will go wherever the web leads them. When they find out about you how will they remember you? Will they see that you have a book coming out next month and forget about it in ten minutes? Or will they see your new mixtape and download it when they workout or need motivation? 

You pay twice as much to have a book published vs. creating a mixtape. It also takes more than double the time to have your finished product. How many people are listening to music vs. reading books in 2017?  

Speaking Gigs

Based off the 7 day twitter poll above; from the @speechmixtapes twitter page it looks like us Motivators could use some more speaking gigs. We live in the age of the internet where anything is possible with a good wifi connection so this post will be dedicated to manifesting some more speaking engagements. 

Motivational speaking is a billion dollar industry and it is not going anywhere. Professional speakers are some of the highest paid people in the world. Beginning speakers could earn up to $2,500 per talk and some of the most advanced speakers are earning up to $250,000 for  speeches. 

Its safe to say that many opportunities are out here for us to spread our voice to the masses. First we have to let the world know that we exist. The internet is noisy making it hard to get the attention of an event or conference planner that can book us.

They search the web for speakers the same way that some people look up the weather every morning before starting their day. Some organizations and companies are literally booking Motivational Speakers by the week. What are the odds that they will run into your content?

Its all about having a searchable online presence. Planting the seeds that will harvest at the right time. We also have to find creative ways to distribute and promote our content. That could mean crafting up a pitch and cold calling or visiting every organization, local club, or school that you could think of.

We could also create downloadable sound recordings for distribution to media outlets and organizations. I could help with that! 


Brick by Brick via @ITSBGPTV

It takes many bricks to build a dream home. That dream home may only be 1,000 square feet but think about the process that went into building that home. It started with a vision. That vision turned into a plan.

It all becomes real when the groundwork starts to begin.  The average home takes about 7 months to build. The average dreamer gives up after a few months of trying to achieve a goal. I think the media may spoil us with stories of overnight success. We see our favorite celebrities and athletes living the American dream and we know its possible.

What we don’t see is the process they had to go through to make it where they are now. We don’t see the hours and hours of practice that went into their craft or the blood sweat tears and amount of BS they had to persevere through. No matter how easy successful people make it seem; they had to put in WORK!

One brick at a time and you eventually have a house. One step at a time and you will eventually have your success.  Sounds easy but not everyone is willing to put up with what goes into building your dream life.  Salute goes out to all the homebuilders that continually work through the rainy, snowy, and excessively hot days.  Chasing a dream is no different! Everyday will present unique challenges but we cannot fold and wait until tomorrow. We cannot sit back and wait for the perfect weather to go out and build our future.

The best opportunies are created. The others may be disguised as work. We live in a world where most everyone is searching for the easy way to do something. What comes easy will go just as easy. The harder you work the more you cement your success.  Today lets lay some bricks; tomorrow lets lay some more. 

Self Confidence via @paddling.in.stilettos

In life you will find yourself, at one point or another, lacking self-confidence. You will discover yourself defining your self-worth by what others think of you. It will consume you. Why? Well, because no matter what, someone in your life will find you not adequate enough. It may be that stranger that leashes their road rage onto you. It may be your so-called friend who tells you their cunning insults in the form of compliments. It may be your significant other who ends the relationship that you invested your whole world into. The list truly goes on. 

But, the person who hurts your self-confidence the most, is simply you. You are the one telling yourself what to believe about yourself. You are the one who has the ability to choose what to believe about yourself. 

For me, confidence is simple. Confidence is not thinking that people will like this blog post. Confidence is not thinking that people will like my outfit choice below. Confidence is being okay with people not liking this blog post or even my sense of style. Confidence is being at complete peace with who I am.

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Road to resiliency via @paddling.in.stilettos

Road to resiliency

Have you ever felt so far away on an endless stormy road? Have you ever felt stuck on that road? A road with a hurricane that had no problem bashing you to the ground. Maybe you are in fact, on a hurricane subjugated road right this very moment. 

When I was 16 years old, I lost my dad. In an instant, I felt like there was nowhere to escape. I felt like I was dropped onto a road where not a soul could hear me. I would scream at the top of my lungs to be rescued, but the storm was louder than my desperate cries. All I wanted was to find my way out of my destructive road. But, all I could think about was giving up. One day, I mustered up all the courage that I had and I just simply walked. One step at a time, I walked on my road. 

I know that you feel alone on your petrifying road where not a soul can hear your desperate cries. But, I want you to know that you are strong. You are resilient. You can make it out of your stormy road. No, you will make it out of your stormy road. You will learn that no matter how demoralizing your road may be, you will overcome everything and anything that your road throws your way.


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